Chicago sailing, Detroit sailing, instruction, sailboat lessons, an innovative sailing timeshare program and more.

Features & Specials

Long Usage Periods

Other programs cram three short usage periods into each day. Given the time it takes to reach open water from your slip, and the time to return from open water and wrap-up the boat at the conclusion of your slot, craming three slots into a day causes your time on the boat to be very rushed. Three slots per day also makes arranging 24-hour periods and multi-day periods on a boat shared by others highly unlikely.

Not so with Pinnacle Yachts. We provide two long timslots each and every weekday, weekend and holiday. No pressure to sprint out from and rush back to the marina. Simply relax and enjoy your time on the water with family and friends.

Special Days Reserved for Members Only

Some programs sell the most valued days of the season, like the Chicago Air and Water Show, the Chicago Sceen Party, and Fireworks nights to walk-up charters, or to Members at a premium. Pinnacle believes these dates belong to our great Members, and does not sell them to outsiders nor up-charge for them.

Free Spontaneous Use

You awake to blue skies. It's perfect for a day on the water and you want to head out now! Pinnacle allows you to take advantage of days like these by providing free spontaneous use of your yacht. Anytime your yacht is not otherwise scheduled 24 hours prior to the start of the next timeslot, you may use boat spontaneously without additional charge.

Week-Long or Weekend Trips - Guaranteed

Interested in cruising for a week or getting away for several days? No need to attempt to piecemeal sail times together or negotiate with other Members. Our proprietary scheduling technology provides you with the trips you want - Guaranteed!

All-Inclusive Pricing

Pinnacle pricing is all-inclusive, covering the yacht, dockage/mooring, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, consumable items and fuel for local use of sailboats. Fuel consumed by sailboats during extended trips and by power yachts at any time is paid for by the Member. In Miami, an engine hour fee is charged for the power yacht.

A security deposit is collected based on the type, size and location of your yacht. Security deposits range from $1,000 to $4,000. Tax is also collected at 5% to 9%. A life-time initiation fee of $1,500 is charged once during the first year of the program.

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"I wanted to mention some additional points that attracted to us to your program... (1) Zero maintenance time - I just want to sail. I don't want to put the boat in the water, fix it when it breaks or maintain it. (2) Less pressure to use the boat - If I owned the boat, I would feel like I should be using it all the time. Owing a boat implies you are a "boat person", and that is your hobby. With your deal, usage is largely pre-determined, and there is no such pressure. I can (and do) other things, and I don't feel bad about it. (3) Pinnacle deals with all the hassles - you have arranged the slip, [Pinnacle Staff] fuels & keeps water in the boat, etc. (4) Short-term commitment - I could own a boat, but I wouldn't have taken out the mortgage - a big, long-term commitment. (5) Cost certainty - there are no surprise maintenance costs and there is no depreciation surprise when the boat is sold. To us, this is much more about convenience than ability to own."

Captain, Blind Faith

Chicago sailing, Detroit sailing, instruction, sailboat lessons, an innovative sailing timeshare program and more. Sailboat instruction, lessons, sailboat timeshare program, Detroit & Chicago sailing.