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Letters From Members

“Gary, I want to thank you again for a great year of boating on a beautiful boat.  It was a great summer and met great people on the boat.  I’d like to take a minute to thank you for running such a professional company with fantastic response time, pleasant always and professional always.  Everyone I come in contact with reinforces what you are doing . Mitch was excellent.  I never use a captain but Mitch was there anytime I needed him and always great to deal with.   John is a true pro and an asset to your business.  Zachary did a great job for his first year and I can tell enjoys what he is doing and who is doing it for .  I didn’t have much contact with Pam this year but you cannot get nicer than Pam. Thanks again Gary. PS:  The dock hands […] were extremely nice and polite and a good representation. “

N.G. – Insurance Agent
Member, Mirage

“The best thing you may have ever done is found Pinnacle Yachts. You have given so many people so many great life experiences. That is the mark of a great business!”

T.L. – CEO, Public Relations Firm
Captain, Eclipse

“Just a quick note to say we are really enjoying our season on Mystic. Your team continues to deliver beautiful yachts that are perfectly prepared, and we enjoy the relationship with the other captains. Well done. We look forward to next year.”

B. S. – President, COO, Architect
Captain, Twilight

“As a business one goal should be to meet customer expectations, to “delight” customers is the ultimate compliment! Kasey and the service have delighted me with the response to my service issues on Shining Star. We sailed yesterday and the boat was beautifully cleaned, engine flawless, and the other small issues corrected perfectly. I will call Kasey later today with my appreciation for a job very well done. I just wanted you and Patti to know how delighted I is to be a Pinnacle member.”

K.F. – CEO
Captain, Shining Star

“I have chartered with a number of yacht companies and by far Pinnacle has the best maintained fleet on the water. We docked our sailboat with an issue, look away for a second and it is repaired when we look back. I met some power boaters having dinner at the Stray Dog in New Buffalo. They had a problem aboard a Sea Ray, returned to 31st harbor, were met by the maintenance crew who repaired the problem and they were still enjoying their charter weekend. That is unheard of! Congratulations on your maintenance and service team!”

D.B. – Retired Executive
Captain, Twilight

“It was good to catch up with you the other day. I cannot thank you enough for the sheer genius of this program. My pace is so wicked that the respite gained from these brief interludes is not only refreshing, but also inspiring.”

M. H. – Engineer
Captain, Mystic

“I wanted to express a sincere thank you for having the opportunity to be part of the Ocean crew experience. Jan and I just finished watching the Ocean video for the um-teeth time and are still getting goose bumps watching it. It’s been a great year. I love participating in as many ways as possible enriching the experience. I hope I can be an Ocean crew member for a long time to come. Thank you for bringing this adventure to so many eager sailors. I know the work is awesome, but so is the experience. Priceless!”

B. S. – President, Manufacturing Company
Captain, Twilight & Ultraviolet

“I wanted to let you know that the Coast Guard boarded Freedom while we were in the playpen last Friday afternoon. It was right after the storm came through. They were very polite and were just doing routine checks. Everything was perfectly in order, of course. It’s extremely comforting to know that we are using a boat that is so well maintained and organized that a coast guard inspection only takes a couple of minutes. Thank you very much.”

M.W. – President, Theater Company
Captain, Freedom

“I am really looking forward to the upcoming boating season. While I won’t be with Pinnacle this season I am excited about Pinnacle’s move to 31st Street. I never would have had the chance to buy my own large boat without the experience I gained on your boat last year. If I was still a working stiff I would be back with you guys in a heartbeat. Your operation is top notch. The training and response to maintenance issues were superb. I have been talking up your program and while I didn’t send you any customers this year I am sure I will in the future. Again thanks for the great experience, if I can do anything to assist you let me know.”

R.S. – Retired Financial Professional
Former Captain, Independence Day

“Doug and I have been busy slaying dragons at work coupled with all the bad weather this summer we really haven’t gotten out on the water this season as much as we would have liked. However, when we have, each day is a little slice of heaven. We wanted to reach out and give A BIG THANK YOU to everyone at Pinnacle Yachts for continually striving for excellence in providing outstanding yachts that are serviced to be kept in top performance with super flexible trading date software between captains and staff that is always friendly and supportive whatever the request or question about a switch…this or that. Thank you again for your Pinnacle team efforts as it is greatly appreciated!”

C.K. – President and CEO
Captain, My Way

“I just want to say, Thank you to Gary! I used to ride my bike and jogg along the lakefront, looking at people on their boats, wishing I could join them. Now, that wish and dream have come true. Thank you for opening my world to many new possibilities!”

D.B.- Educational Speaker
Captain, First Light

“Unfortunately we have heavy commitments next year which means we won’t be able to make full use of a boat next year so regrettably we will not be renewing our lease for next year. We have had a lot of fun on the water the last two years. We are very Impressed with the company you have built up. I have worked with, and for, a lot of sailing companies and you are by far the best. Immaculate boats, great website, good people. I would recommend you to anyone, and who knows we may rejoin in a year or two.”

D.K. – Retired Financial Professional
Captain, Perfect World

“Thanks for setting us up on My Way with such short notice. You really helped bail me out of a jam given the circumstances. (My wife) and I had friends with their children come down for a sail and would have been a real disappointment if we could not have gone out, or at least had a boat to hang out on. Also Charlie was terrific.. really great. As was your other associate whose name escapes me. You have always run a first class operation and affirmed that again today in how you handled a difficult situation. Thanks Gary!”

B.D. – Financial Professional
Captain, Volare

“This seems to be a gigantic undertaking and a huge commitment, financial and otherwise. I congratulate you for your vision and your accomplishments and wish you continued success with Pinnacle, “Ocean” and your Foundation. I hope to be able to visit Chicago and “Ocean” in the not too distant future. Congratulations and best regards.”

R.J. – Investor
Captain, Manana

“You are an inspiration as someone who is living the dream. I am thankful for your enthusiasm and Pinnacle program.”

F.P. – Financial Professional
Captain, Ray of Light

“By the way, I don’t know if you realize the joy your program creates for many of us who don’t have the opportunity to do this on a more full time basis. This weekend, [wife’s name] and I did a “Stayathon”, beginning Thursday and ending today. Sailed Thursday, had nice dinner at Columbia, stayed overnight. Great morning sail Friday, then I worked much of the day while [wife’s name] did a walkabout downtown. Train ride to Ravinia to see Lyle Lovett. Returned to the wrap up festivities at Columbia for the Leukemia Cup. Then, had our slip mates, [neighbors names] from from [neighbor’s boat] aboard drinking wine until 5 minutes ago. What a great time.”

M. H. – Engineer
Captain, Mystic

“These last four years on Twilight have enriched our lives immeasurably, and you all have been so good to us. Everything about your program has been a source of pleasure and gratitude for Cannon and for me, and for the many guests who have so enjoyed our time at sea.”

B. S. – Management Consultant
Captain, Twilight

“Thank you for Pinnacle Yachts. This is my first year sailing after 25 years. I grew up sailing in Connecticut on the Sound out of Riverside. Have lived in Chicago for 25 years had no idea how great the sailing is. Because of your wonderful program I have begun sailing again. I love it! Thank you. Thank you for your vision and courage to create the Pinnacle program.”

F. P. – Investment Advisor
Captain, Mysterious Ways

“I want to thank you for a great sailing season. I know I have said this before, but you really run a great company and I just appreciate the great work you and your team do to make sailing in the city such an enjoyable and manageable process. Randy introduced me to [Captain] Phil this summer and he has been a great resource for expanding my sailing skills and knowledge.”

G. H. – Financial Services Executive
Captain, Heartbreaker

“This note is to thank you again for a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience being a member of Pinnacle Yachts this season. Whatever issues were encountered were minor and your response was impeccable every time.”

A.A. – Computer Scientist
Captain, Desire

“Thank you, once again, for taking time out of your schedule to discuss the options that are available to me regarding the 2011 season. I’ve put much thought into where I would like my sailing career to go and I feel at this point it is time to make a step into boat ownership. Unfortunately, this means I will not be renewing my lease for the 2011 season. As I mentioned on the phone, it is your program that is responsible for this! LOL I, along with many friends and family members, have had many priceless moments aboard your yachts. I will cherish them forever. Thank you and the entire Pinnacle staff for setting me on the correct course for a life long journey of sailing!”

D. S. – Commercial Pilot
Captain, Mysterious Ways

“I just wanted to take a minute and compliment you, your team and your systems… Everyone is very professional to deal with, replies promptly and works with their Captain’s vs. against. You find a way to say yes (when appropriate of course) instead of no. [Captain] Pat’s a great guy and instructor. What I would give to have just 10% of his patience! I observed that the other instructors had similar relationships with their trainees. Good management, good people, good systems and a pleasure to work with. You deserve nothing but success. Job well done.”

D. B. – Small Business Owner
Captain, Independence Day

“The program is run by Gary Feracota who is extremely professional, a good guy, and very fair. I emphasize fair because part of my problem with time share arrangements, typically, is they always seem to have loop holes and clauses which make using the asset difficult. Not so with Pinnacle. Scheduling is easy, boats are really nice and well maintained, Pinnacle representatives are insanely responsive, and, relative to what you’d pay to buy and manage a boat, its a great deal. I highly endorse the company.” [From letter to another person copied to Pinnacle management]

J. D. – Industrial Service Company Owner
Captain, Shining Star

“I would like to thank Randy personally for all the help he has been regarding the boat Into the Night. He is always willing to try and work things out regarding the schedule, questions, and info that is needed when asked. I am very delighted I became part of the Pinnacle Community.”

J. M. – Real Estate Investor
Captain, Desire

“My wife and I just completed the fundamentals of sailing class with Howard and we wanted to thank you for this terrific experience. Howard is an amazing teacher who instilled in us – and the rest of the class – a better understanding of sailing. He also inspired (my wife) and raised her enthusiasm for sailing tremendously. Thank you!”

M. W. – Investment Professional
Captain, Spirit in the Night

“Once again you folks left me speechless. I had no idea there was an event for Venetian Night, but Patti, you insisted on trying to make it happen for my parents. Six times I must have said not to worry about it. We easily could’ve picked another night, but you INSISTED on trying. I cannot tell you how wonderful of a time my folks had. When they called me I could hear the smiles. The show was “spectacular”. What can I say? It’s easy to sign the check when you’re dealing with Pinnacle Yachts.
Thank you both. Again, Pinnacle Yachts helped make some memories.”

D. S. – Commercial Pilot
Captain, Shining Star

“I want to take this opportunity to tell you that my experiences with Pinnacle and Cherish the Day have gone above and beyond my expectations. I want to thank you for the opportunity to join your wonderful organization.”

T. T. – Commercial Pilot
Captain, Cherish the Day

“As I told Howard, you guys do a wonderful job maintaining the boat and staying on top of all of the details. I know it isn’t easy but I continue to be impressed with your diligence. I also share my enthusiasm with others… My words are quite sincere. I’m not generous with unwarranted compliments. Your team, boats, maintenance, thoughtfulness, client service and business strategy are truly outstanding.”

S. G. – Investment Banker
Captain, Cherish the Day

“Thanks for a wonderful season. It’s rare to find such a class act in business. Thanks to great maintenance, planning, instruction and support, we and all our guests had a safe, enjoyable and memorable season. From one crew of six who were all age 75 years plus — to the numerous children who experienced their first sail — everything was flawless.”

R. R. – Managing Partner, Consulting Firm
Captain, Dancing Days

“We had an incredible sail on Saturday … just had a blast. My son, who is seven, said it was the best day of his life, and at 43, it was just about the same for me.”

K. K. – Attorney
Captain, Freedom

“Gary, please renew me for Perfect World every year until I die. Thank you.”

J. W. – Veterinarian
Captain, Perfect World

“With multiple interests, the timeshare program — with its flexible scheduling, excellent equipment and no maintenance — fulfills my passion for sailing.”

R. K. – CEO, Electronic Component Company
Captain, Moon Dance

“Emmy and I went out yesterday for our first solo voyage. It was a blast! Thank you so much for bringing Pinnacle to Connecticut. Please thank Patti and Howard for their excellent tutoring. Cheers!”

G. L. – Investment Banker
Captain, Spirit in the Night

“I just wanted to tell you how excited I am about being involved with Pinnacle Yachts. When I first contacted you about the program, I had a lot of questions. You answered them all, and I am pleased to say that everything you stated has been true and then some. The boat is fantastic. Randy’s instruction has been wonderful. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to operate the boat safely. It honestly has opened up a whole new world of sailing that I had always dreamed about. The feeling I had Friday and more so on Sunday of controlling that ship is hard to put into words, but Paul [his son] could’t believe how large my smile was when I was at the helm. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with everyone at Pinnacle Yachts.”

D. D. – Insurance Agency Owner
Captain, Wondrous Stories

“I really had a great time this season and, in hindsight, am so thrilled that both you and Gary provided me with such encouragement at the outset. Had I not signed up with Pinnacle, I would have truly missed what has now become another entire dimension to my lifestyle. I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with everyone at Pinnacle Yachts.”

R. P. – Financial Executive
Captain, Moonlight Serenade

“I wanted to mention some additional points that attracted to us to your program… (1) Zero maintenance time – I just want to sail. I don’t want to put the boat in the water, fix it when it breaks or maintain it. (2) Less pressure to use the boat – If I owned the boat, I would feel like I should be using it all the time. Owing a boat implies you are a “boat person”, and that is your hobby. With your deal, usage is largely pre-determined, and there is no such pressure. I can (and do) other things, and I don’t feel bad about it. (3) Pinnacle deals with all the hassles – you have arranged the slip, [Pinnacle Staff] fuels & keeps water in the boat, etc. (4) Short-term commitment – I could own a boat, but I wouldn’t have taken out the mortgage – a big, long-term commitment. (5) Cost certainty – there are no surprise maintenance costs and there is no depreciation surprise when the boat is sold. To us, this is much more about convenience than ability to own.”

M. D. – Executive
Captain, Blind Faith

“Your company adds to our life and is an incredible source of joy for our family. Thanks for everything. Have a great summer. God bless.”

T.L. – Electrical Contractor
Captain, Edge of Glory

“You can imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope [Christmas present from wife] and saw pictures of the yacht! I definitely got the better end of the deal in this marriage!”

D. K. – University Dean
Captain, Wondrous Stories

“My wife and I sold our boat twelve years ago when our son was born. A few years ago we started looking at buying a boat again until we learned of your group [Pinnacle Yachts]. We signed-up and sailing has never been better. It’s like owning your own boat for far less cost and no maintenance. This program has been a real find especially having the opportunity to sail a new boat with all the bells and whistles. I’m impressed that the boat is always clean and ready to sail when my guests and I arrive. My wife and I used to talk about purchasing a boat, but after sailing with Pinnacle, we feel like we already own our own boat.”

M. C. – Luxury Home Developer
Captain, Moon Dance

“I should tell you that I am impressed with your overall program.
I get more sailing than I can actually handle.
I get a well thought out boat, that is well maintained.
I get this for a reasonable price.
What else can I ask for?”

R. M. – Investment Manager
Captain, Moon Dance

“Let me take this opportunity to express our delight in Pinnacle Yachts. Also, for providing this most valued service for our lakefront enjoyment. Summer Wind had a major part in making our summer memorable. It would not have been possible without the attention to detail that was shared between Summer Wind’s Captains and Pinnacle. This made sharing “Our” boat rewarding and valued as much as the service received from Pinnacle. All of which exceeded my expectations.”

L. Z. – Engineering Manager
Captain, Summer Wind

“Six years ago with Pinnacle, my sailing dream came true. I feel I now have my own great boat!”

M. B. – Investment Banker
Captain, Shining Star

“Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time at your Captain’s party. Meeting the captains and crew of some of the other craft while enjoying the hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and the live entertainment made for a great evening. Randy was telling me about [the yacht] you’ll be enjoying later this year, and I must admit — it had me dreaming of teak gliding above turquoise waters while blue skies outlined white sails and puffy clouds only to fade into the ever approaching horizon.”

C. A. – Physician
Captain, Glory Days

“I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had today [at the orientation]. I met so many nice people, had a wonderful lunch, shared some great stories, and learned a lot in the process. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful orientation you organized today. You really have a class operation in Pinnacle Yachts and we are proud to be a part of it. We look forward to seeing you out “on the lake” this summer. Thank you again.”

E. K. – Retired Automotive Professional
Captain, Summer Wind

“I had a wonderful time today, and look forward to the season!! Thank you. I remember when I first called and spoke to you about Pinnacle vs. [the alternative] – we spoke of true sportsmanship and etiquette and the difference between Pinnacle and [the alternative]. I am so impressed with Pinnacle and the folks I’ve met – owners, captains, instructors. How nice and I just had to tell you!!”

J. L. – Director, Assisted Living Facility
Captain, Glory Days

“AWESOME – great info – well done!!!!!.”

K. L. – Investment Banker
Captain, Dancing Days

“I just wanted to call and congratulate you on your wonderful web site. It’s so ingenious and nifty. I have already instituted some trades. It’s great! Thank you so much for your efforts.”

D. S. – Physician
Captain, Heartbreaker

“I just put Forever Young back away for the last time this season. What a great time we had this year. We created some wonderful memories with many people who never have experienced the beauty of our city from the this great lake. Thanks for the program. It’s been wonderful.”

P. Z. – Executive Recruiter
Captain, Forever Young

“Gary, I just wanted to say how much my family and I enjoyed the use of the boat and the program this year. While we didn’t get to use the full allotment of days the times we did were magical and while my teenage kids were skeptical at first they then started asking when do we have the boat again?
What a great way to stay connected with my kids.
Your service team was awesome. So thanks for exposing me to the program and can’t wait for next season to begin!
It’s a great business model and you guys delivered on everything you said you could do. I had a bunch of skepticism at the start of the season and it would be hard not to have this program in my life moving forward. I am almost reluctant to recommend since I don’t want to share it and keep this all to myself!!”

D. S. – CCO
Captain, Into the Night

“Just got home from our maiden voyage, first day and we had an absolute fantastic time. Had guests and family and just had a wonderful time. Couldn’t beat the weather and little wind too. Pam- your training session we had with my family saved the day. Gabby said on the way home that made all the difference.

Thanks so much guys and looking forward to the rest of the season.”

N.G. – Owner, State Farm Agency
Captain, First Light

“Hi BJ – great to meet you last week while we were training with Captain Dave!! He was great by the way!! For what its worth as feedback – I called Capt Dave today to ask a few additional questions – he picked up the phone right away and was very thorough (and nice as always). You have some great people that work for you at Pinnacle!! He could not be more helpful and knowledgeable!!
Many thanks and looking forward to the maiden voyage on Revolution tomorrow!!”

C.W. – Sales Manager
Captain, Into the Night

“Our on-board instructor Mark G. was a pleasure; his knowledge and teaching style greatly appreciated. Mark gave us confidence to fully operate our boat, while attentive to our safety and that of our vessel. Teaching 5 Captain’s, of all age ranges, with varying knowledge and sailing skills is a challenge to say the least, Mark made it look easy. Thanks again.”

A.M.- Director Aviation
Captain, Wind Cries Mary

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