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Good people beget good people. We currently seek good people to join our phenomenal team and excel in the following positions.

Maintenance Technicians

We seek a conscientious, enthusiastic person that works and thinks independently to join our superb team of yacht maintenance technicians in Chicago.

Mechanical and electrical aptitude and / or education is required. We will train you on our specific yachts. Boat handling skills are a plus.

This position can be physically demanding. Regular four-day work weeks with weekday and some weekend hours, both day and evening.

We seek to fill professional, full-time, year-round, long-term career positions immediately. Compensation includes salary, bonus, health insurance and three weeks of paid vacation.

Dock Hands

We seek conscientious, courteous persons to assist our Members as they arrive and depart our docks, and attend to other basic maintenance and cleaning tasks. Experience working with boats is not required.

Part-time, seasonal positions primarily on a Saturday and/or Sunday. Above-market compensation comprised of hourly wage and gratuities. An excellent position for senior high school or college students, or retired persons.


We seek conscientious persons to clean, polish and finish our fleet of yachts in Chicago. Experience working on boats is not required.

Full-time, year-round, position. Four day work weeks in Fall and Winter. Five day work weeks in Spring and Summer. Above-market compensation, health insurance and paid vacation.

USCG Licensed Captains

We seek skilled and courteous persons to assist our Members to pilot their sail and/or powerboat as independent contractors, and/or to be instructors as employees of our sailing and powerboat school.

A current USCG license is required. Part-time, seasonal work. Above-market compensation comprised of an hourly rate and gratuities.

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Employment Application

Thanks for your interest in joining the Pinnacle team. We seek people that are self-motivated, reliable, honest and cordial. Some posts require specific skills and some anticipate skill development.

We will contact you within ten business days of receiving your application if we have a current potential position for you. We will not contact you if we do not have a current potential position for you. However, we will keep your application in our confidential file for future consideration.

We treat all application information highly confidential. Your application will only be seen by Pinnacle staff directly involved in hiring. We never convey personal information outside of Pinnacle Yachts unless legally required to do so.

Application Form
Employment History

Provide your employment history, including employer, location, your title, brief description of your work, first date of employment and last date of employment:

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