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Pinnacle’s Luxurious Sail Fleet

The Pinnacle Fleet shines as the finest and largest fractional sail and power yacht fleet in the world. With Pinnacle’s timeshare program Member’s enjoy yachts by acclaimed international builders, Jeanneau and Sea Ray, hailing from five Chicago harbors. Each yacht in our sailboat share program is equipped and finished to the highest standards, with sleek hulls and topsides, richly appointed interiors, and advanced instrumentation. They are performance-cruising yachts that move smoothly and swiftly across the water.

Pricing and Availability
Belmont HarborView Harbor
Clair de LuneSail2017Jeanneau 419Details
HypnoticSail2015Jeanneau 409Details
VirtuosoSail2015Jeanneau 409Details
Wind Cries MarySail2015Jeanneau 409Details
StormySail2005Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37Details
Mysterious WaysSail2005Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37Details
Dusable HarborView Harbor
AreteSail2019Jeanneau 419Details
Glory DaysSail2019Jeanneau 419Details
FearlessSail2015Jeanneau 439Details
My WaySail2008Jeanneau Deck Salon 45Details
MagellanSail2008Jeanneau Deck Salon 45Details
Monroe HarborView Harbor
Perfect WorldSail2006Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40.3Details
Cherish the DaySail2006Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40.3Details
Burnham HarborView Harbor
SeaglassSail2018Jeanneau 440Details
American GirlSail2019Jeanneau 419Details

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“I am really looking forward to the upcoming boating season. While I won’t be with Pinnacle this season I am excited about Pinnacle’s move to 31st Street. I never would have had the chance to buy my own large boat without the experience I gained on your boat last year. If I was still a working stiff I would be back with you guys in a heartbeat. Your operation is top notch. The training and response to maintenance issues were superb. I have been talking up your program and while I didn’t send you any customers this year I am sure I will in the future. Again thanks for the great experience, if I can do anything to assist you let me know.”

Retired Financial Professional
Former Captain, Independence Day