Chicago sailing, Detroit sailing, instruction, sailboat lessons, an innovative sailing timeshare program and more.

The Yacht Of Your Dreams -
A Fraction Of The Cost

Based at the finest metropolitan marinas in Chicago and Miami, members in Pinnacle's acclaimed shared-yacht program make personal use of a new, stylish, well-equipped Jeanneau sail or Sea Ray power yacht across the entire season for an all-inclusive lease fee as low as $4,950.

Spectacular Yachts by Jeanneau & Sea Ray

The Pinnacle fleet is comprised of sail and power yachts ranging in size from 34 to 45 feet. All are new yachts crafted by Jeanneau and Sea Ray - renowned international yacht builders. Each yacht is equipped and finished to the highest standards, with sleek hulls and topsides, richly appointed interiors, and advanced instrumentation. They are performance-cruising yachts that move smoothly and swiftly across the water.


The Finest Metropolitan Marinas Close To Your Home

Pinnacle Members use their personal yacht in the wonderful waterways near their home, and have access to their yacht across the entire season. Pinnacle bases are located at the finest marinas in major metropolitan areas, allowing Members to use their yacht frequently without traveling great distances to do so.


Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Pinnacle has invested substantially to develop a proprietary system that allows Members to build a schedule that satisfies their specific usage desires. Without this essential technology, it would be impossible to fairly manage the schedule of a premium yacht for shared use.

Conventional scheduling methods are "first-come-first-served". Members are allowed to grab open time on the calendar with minimal rules for fairness to others. Unless you are first to reserve your time at the moment it becomes available, you will likely miss out on dates important to you, and will be forced to take the leftovers. This approach serves the few first-movers very well -- but everyone else very poorly.

Pinnacle's approach is entirely different. It takes into account each Member's desire to use the yacht for week-long cruising, week-end getaways, and for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, business entertaining, and city events. With this input an initial schedule is created for all Members in a way that is fair to everyone using our proprietary scheduling software. Our approach is not first-come nor seniority based. People in the program last season have no advantage over newcomers. Everyone is treated fairly and equally.

Members then select additional dates as the season progress, and may trade dates with other members, providing tremendous flexibility. Members may also use their yacht spontaneously if it is not otherwise scheduled and enjoy a day on the water without charge.


Expert Instruction - Sail & Power

Pinnacle provides instruction for Members new to yachting, or who wish to further their skills prior to heading-out on their own. Instruction is conducted on a yacht of the size and type that the Member will later lease in the Pinnacle fleet. Instruction focuses on seamanship and navigating the waters near the Member's home. Members are encouraged to have family and friends attend lessons as well.


Concierge & Professional Captain Services

For extraordinary personal and business entertaining aboard your yacht, Pinnacle offers Concierge and Professional Captain services of the highest order. An elegant meal or casual eats for a romantic couple or a festive party - your wish is our command. Our Concierges plan and deliver unique experiences aboard your yacht that family, friends and business associates will speak of for years to come. If you would like to hand the helm over and get deep into the festivities yourself, Pinnacle can provide a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain who can tend to the yacht under your direction. Pinnacle Concierges and Professional Captains are wonderful people that make your event truly special and help you shine as the host.


Outstanding Maintenance & Support

Pinnacle meticulously cares for each yacht with professional staff that tend to all preventative, routine and urgent service needs. Every yacht is cleaned, inspected and maintained to exacting standards on a frequent, preplanned schedule.

Pinnacle technicians are also dispatched 24/7 to tend to any urgent maintenance items that may occur.

Pinnacle also enhances each boat when they first enter the fleet to make them more robust from the onset.

Pinnacle has invested heavily in spare parts inventory and in advanced technology, both of which contribute to the efficient planning and execution of maintenance operations.


Outstanding Insurance Protection

Each yacht is covered by insurance to its full value less a deductible of $750 to $4,000. $2,000,000 of liability insurance is also carried on each yacht.

An Exceptional Value

The typical Pinnacle Member spends about 13-times less during the first year, and 5-times less during subsequent years, for comparable use of the same yacht, than if they owned the yacht themselves. Also, Pinnacle Members make no down payment, have only a single-season lease rather than a fifteen-year mortgage, and have no maintenance obligations whatsoever.


Pricing and Availability

Pinnacle offers the opportunity to share a magnificent private yacht for a simple, all-inclusive, single-season lease fee. Since our inception in 1998, our yachts have been entirely sold-out every season. Because of the popularity of the program, it is best to act well in advance of the season to secure a spot.



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"My wife and I joined Pinnacle almost three years ago with one share, four years later here we are having committed to, at our peak, three shares. Not only are the Pinnacle boats kept in outstanding condition, but the logistical efficiency of the broader company is truly impressive. Boats are washed, well maintained, scheduling is easy and user friendly, and fellow-participants go above and beyond to sort out scheduling (via their online based platform for trading and claiming slots) to fit respective time desires. In fact, I can think of few companies which possesses the ability to simultaneously offer outstanding customer service, logistical efficiency, and value. Most importantly, however, Pinnacle is run by hard working, honest, fair business people who aim to serve their client. It is that fact, more than all their other strengths, which makes Pinnacle a winner."

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago sailing, Detroit sailing, instruction, sailboat lessons, an innovative sailing timeshare program and more. Sailboat instruction, lessons, sailboat timeshare program, Detroit & Chicago sailing.